Sunday, March 22, 2009


So me and my best friends, Ellie, Katie, and Kelly, have this little group that we call EKKO. It's all of our names mashed together[Ellie, Katie, Kelly, Olivia]. We have this idea that we're going to share a "traveling rock" over the summer since we will all be far apart. We got close in the funniest way, we were all dumped. It's crazy too! We are all strong girls who really liked our boyfriends! Katie probably had the worst breakup, but that's her story to tell. Mine was pretty bad, too. So, it all started out September 9th. I remember the day perfectly, Angelo asked me if I would go out with him and I said definitley, I really liked him and over the next couple weeks my feelings for him grew even more intense. Sometimes I felt like it couldn't be real, I couldn't like anybody that much. It's just impossible. How can you lust over somebody so intensly, so young? I think I must have let my guard down a little. I never thought we would break up. I had never liked anybody so much. Then it happened. We had gotten pretty close, and I was now more happy than ever. Christmas day flew by, I was so happy I got all my new gifts, but what I was really happy about was that I had such an amazing boyfriend. That night we had a little fight, I thought nothing of it, though. Sure enough, he got HIS FRIEND to call me at 10:38PM and say, "Angelo doesn't wanna date you anymore." I threw the phone at the wall. My mom had just got out for a walk, and I ran to her and cried and cried..and cried. It was the worst day of my life, LEGIT. Then, somehow I forgave him. And somehow I went back out with him, and somehow I let myself like him again. And somehow he started changing, And somehow I got my heart broken again, but this time I dumped him. I guess that just goes to show how you fall so hard for some guys. There is not way to explain it. You just let your guard down and you can't help but to like them..and like them...and like them. Guys are still pretty immature, which sucks because I just want a guy who knows how to treat me. I don't think there are alot of great guys out there. In fact, I doubt there's even alot of okay guys out there. Someday, though, I will find my perfect match. Someone who compliments all aspects of me, who loves me and is ALWAYS there for me, someone who would never hurt me. The right guy, will never make you cry. The guy for me isn't Angelo Jankowski.

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  1. You go, Livi! I love you girl :) Everything you said here was PERFECTLY true. You are so right. Angelo is SOO not the right guy for you. You're going to find someone someday who is brilliant, caring, and hilarious, just like you. Olema, I have NO CLUE what I'd do without you girl. I'm so glad we're best friends.

    Love love love x10000000,
    Katema :)