Sunday, March 22, 2009

Late Night!

So i can't fall asleep. I really can't wait for this summer. I'm dying to audition for a play that isn't, how do I put this nicely...Stoffle-Directed. And a whole summer free of silly middle school drama, JONATHAN FAT MARTIN, wizard of oz, and most importantly the EX. This summer will probably be the summer of my life. Even though I'll be out of town pretty much the whole time, I'm so happy EKKO is going to be connected in such an amazing way. We all deserve a great summer after this less than happy year. I mean some points have been great! Meeting EKKO was the best. The breakup is still in my head, though. All I can do is write about it. Goodness it feels good to get everything out! I feel more free being able to write outloud. if you know what i mean. Wow I feel even more tired already! I love you EKKO. This summer will be amazing.

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