Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Everyone has a first love. If it’s the quarter back on your high school football team, or your guy best friend, somehow your first love always means the most to you. But could it be that these devious men are just using us? Do they just want someone to call their own? Do they even love us back? What do we mean to them? The truth is we probably don’t mean much at all. As we’re daydreaming about their sparkly eyes and perfect smile, they’re probably off flirting with some bleach blonde playgirl that has no intentions of anything more than a one night fling. These guys have no idea what they’re putting us through is the truth. Love in this century means compatibility. It is sad, but complete truth. It is my own belief that the perfect love may no longer exist. In the fiery halls we walk as we go from relationship to relationship, we come to the conclusion that we just want somebody who can get along with us. Anything less than that won’t work. In the midst of failed relationships, there comes a point where you feel as though nothing in your life could ever be compatible with a guy. Then, you meet the perfect stranger. Tall, dark, handsome, everything you’ve waited for. He’s just another jerk like the rest of them. We grow older; we yearn for a true relationship, a family, a nice big house. So we settle, but how do we know if settling is right? Will there ever come a time when guys can grow up and fall In love?

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